Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting Connected

Last semester, I co-led our small group from church with Dan Kniffen, and we finished up our study of The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard.   Dan has now moved out of the area, and I will be helping Kyle Grant, one of our past members, lead a group discussing Workplace Grace.  I look forward to sharing any revelations from the study with you.  If any of you in the Braselton area want to join us Wednesday evenings, here is the link.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Running With A Purpose

I won't be competing in the Tugaloo Triathlon next month.  I am too old.  I did complete a sprint level triathlon at age 50 with the encouragement of close friends, but I haven't completed another one since.  I'm just too old (55) - or maybe not.  Sister Madonna Buder began running for sport at age 48 and then completed her first Ironman triathlon at age 55.  She now holds the world record for the oldest person, man or woman, to complete an Ironman triathlon - at age 82.  She runs to encourage people to pursue their passions, develop their gifts and acknowledge that everything we have comes as a gift from our creator.  Click here to meet Madonna.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gymnastics Fail

With most of the world's eyes focused on the 2016 Olympics,  and more specifically the women's gymnastics earlier this week,  I came across this story of one of our favorite gymnasts from 2008.  Shawn Johnson won a gold medal there, but it was not the four gold medals that everyone had predicted.  Although she was one of the top athletes in the world, she felt as though she had failed herself, her team, her family and her country.  In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, she recognized that her identity was not determined by the gold medals that she won or lost.  Listen to the rest of her moving story here.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Spreading The Word

One of the most important things that believers are asked to do is share what the know with others.  I was encouraged this week reading through the book of Acts.  In the 16th chapter, Paula and Silas were out talking about Jesus, and a slave girl possessed by a demon was following them.  Paul commanded the demon to leave the girl, and it left her immediately.  The owners of the slave girl were mad that the girl had been freed from the demon, and put Paul and Silas in jail.  Paul and Silas had been beaten, but continued to sing songs of praise while in jail.  An earthquake shook the prison and the doors were thrown open.  The jailer knowing, that the prisoners must have escaped, drew his sword to kill himself, but Paul yelled out, "stop, we are still here."  The jailer immediately  asked what he needed to do to be saved, and they told him all he needed to do was believe in Jesus and ask for his forgiveness - and he did.
If Paul and Silas can spread the word after being beaten and jailed, it seems like it should be a little easier for me.  I pray it will.