Wednesday, August 27, 2014

God Saved My Life

Last week, my post was about ISIS and the terror that group is bringing to the people in Iraq and Syria in the name of their religion.  At the end of my post, I prayed that our headlines would include stories of the good that people can do in the name of their religion.  The very next day, I saw “God Saved My Life”.   All of the major networks carried the story of Kent Brantly’s release from Emory Hospital after being cured of the Ebola virus disease.  Ken is a doctor who was working with Samaritan’s Purse in Africa, when he was called into action in Liberia where the virus has killed over 1300 people.  I know most of you saw the story, but most of the coverage only showed short sound bites of his 7 minute speech upon being released.  If you didn’t see the whole speech, I encourage you to watch it now.  I can’t imagine a better image of our God working in his people.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am no political animal, but you would have to be living in a cave not to at least notice the terror that is taking place in the middle east.  It makes me sick to my stomach that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is killing innocent men, women and children in the name of their religion.  Apparently, they are now calling themselves just the Islamic State (IS), with the obvious conviction that they are not just focused on Iraq and Syria anymore.  I also hate that their barbaric crimes are garnering all of the attention that they have intended for themselves.  I yearn to see stories of the good that Christians have been doing in those areas (CSIS-my acronym). My search at the internet came up mostly empty except for this article giving some background on Christians in the area.  It turns out there are several pretty will know Christians who spread the word in Damascus, the capital of Syria.  It seems they were known mostly by their first names.  Names like Peter, Paul and Jesus.  I guess I was looking for my stories in the wrong place.  I pray for the day that we will see their stories in the headlines, too.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coming Home

Andy Stanley alluded to a Buzz-Feed post by Jessica Misener in one of his recent sermons.  He didn’t spend a lot of time talking about the post, but I find myself interested in things that are interesting to him.  I looked up the post and read the sad story of Jessica who got introduced to Jesus in high school, fell in love with him, and then decided to study the bible more by getting a graduate degree in religion.  Her inability to make everything in the bible make sense to her led her to disbelief in Jesus.    

There have been a few times when people have asked me why I believe in Jesus.  I remember trying to talk about experiences or feelings that I have had that I don’t think could have happened without Jesus.  I don’t think this is bad, but I don’t think it is best.  I believe in Jesus because I believe he died for my sins and rose from the dead as is accounted for by credible eye witnesses who were there, including his brother, James.  All of my experiences and feelings stem from that fact – not because of anything that I have done. 

Jessica continues in her post to talk about what she misses about being a Believer.  It is gut wrenching for me to read.  I pray that she and others like her will feel the peace and joy that only comes with knowing Him.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back To School

I don’t have school age kids anymore, but I know its “back to school” time because I see the buses making their trial runs through the subdivision.  I wouldn’t think that most students love the idea of summer being over, but there is one group of Atlanta students that are in for their best year ever.  That would be Ms. Joyner’s class at Intown Community School.   They will have the opportunity to be fed mentally, socially and spiritually by one of the best teachers I know – my daughter, Lizzy.  I know this is true because I have read the things that otherstudents and parents have written about her for the last five years.  I also know this because I know her.  I love that Lizzy is full of life.  I love that she has run a half marathon, is a great slalom skier, jumped out of an airplane and rafted Section 5 or the Chatooga River with me. (Sitting near the guide so he could keep  her from falling out.  That worked almost every time.)  I love to see the way she loves and honors her husband Trey. I especially love the way she loves Jesus.   I see that in her all the time, but singing beside her in worship is one of my most precious moments.  I also love to see her taking opportunities to serve others.  That is her on the lower left with her friends serving meals at the soup kitchen.  Same smile as the one on the Chatooga.  Well done, my good and faithful daughter.