Thursday, July 27, 2017


In my SpotOnTheLake update today, the tag line was: How do I love thee? ...let me count the wakes.  That idea was courtesy of one of my best friends, David Slagle.  I have known David for 20 years, first as my pastor from the pulpit, and now as a pastor to my soul.  David started Veritas Church in Atlanta, and if you are ever in the area, you should stop by and be blessed.  Veritas is latin for truth, and that is exactly what you get at Veritas.  David is an amazing pastor, but he is even more amazing at being a husband, father and friend.  David, thanks for your uncompromising friendship.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cause Nausea

The proliferation of GoFundMe and other similar sites sometimes overwhelms me to the extent of feeling sick to my stomach.  There are so many hurting people in the world and about that many more that think they are hurting, but aren't.  For the ones that are really hurting, I often feel drawn to help, but seldom do.  The "I can't help everyone" reasoning is forefront in my mind.  This thoughtful article by Richard Stearns helps to address my problem and encourages us to focus on the causes where we have a real intent to help and make an impact.  I hope it helps you, too.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

ESPY winner steals the show

This week, a lot of very talented athletes were recognized for their dedication to their sports, but the most memorable award of the night was the Jimmy V award which was given to Jarrius Robertson.  In case you aren't familiar with Jarrius from the gridiron, the hoops or any of the other sports that were covered, that's because Jarrius is 15 years old and under 4' tall.  He has struggled with a life-threatening disease and two liver transplants in his short life, but continues to exude optimism in his support for organ donation and living life a day at a time.  If you missed the tribute, take 9 minutes to be inspired here.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My 4th of July weekend was filled with family, boating, swimming and eating.  I don't believe I was alone.  I spent some time this morning reflecting about what the holiday is really about, and no surprise, Independence was the word that keep coming to mind.  Our independence today is due to the ultimate price men and women paid over 200 years ago to form the greatest country in the world, and the continued sacrifices from our armed forces today.  I was looking for a musical tribute and found this one from 10 years ago.  I love the faces of the military personnel being honored here.