Thursday, August 11, 2022

Worth Developing


What would a developer do with 10.5 acres in Brooklyn, NY?  I guess that depends on what they are developing.  If they are developing wealth, it would likely be luxury apartments or a commercial office building.  If they are developing God's kingdom on earth, it might be something different.  A.R. Bernard is the pastor of the largest church in New York City.  He started the church in a grocery store, and the church has acquired some of the property around it.  For the past 10 years, Bernard has been planning a $1.2 billion urban center that includes affordable housing, a trade school, a performing arts center, a supermarket, and of course, a place for his 32,000 members to worship.  Bernard is hoping to have final approval this year with the ground breaking in 2023.  Praise God for a leader with the vision to build God's kingdom on Earth.  To learn more about this inspirational project, click here.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Pop Pronouns

I have done everything in my power to avoid this one, but I just can't anymore.  I like Demi Lovato.  I think she is a good singer, and I liked her as a judge on X-factor.   But she has been front and center this week because of her decision to use new pronouns which are now "they" and "she".  Last year, she identified as non-binary, which I assumes means that she can be both male and female, not one or the other.  But now, she is feminine, so she likes "she", but I have no idea how she gets to "they".  "They" is plural, and she is one person.  That is followed by her statement that her sexuality is fluid.   I recently heard that at an annual conference for a Fortune 500 company, attendees were required to list their pronouns on  their name badge.  I wish I could change the conversation from "this is what I want you to call me" to "this is how I am feeling today".  I feel more masculine when I am barefooting behind a ski boat, and I feel more feminine when I bust out crying when I hear a beautiful piece of music.  I don't need to dictate how you address me each time I feel different.  Besides, it is all too confusing.  Just call me Tom.  Which sex organs I have, and which sex I am attracted to doesn't need to be broadcast to anyone, but I am happy to tell a friend if they want to know.  I get that I may be adding fuel to the fire by posting this, but I am admittedly dazed and confused.