Friday, June 26, 2020

Piracy - not on the internet

This week is Pirate Camp.   We get together with some friends and some of our grandkids (ages 4 and up) at the lake for three days packed with fun.  This year we have 7 pirates.  This is one of the most exhausting and fulfilling weeks of the year.  I wish I had the energy to do this more, but this will have to suffice for now.   Being alone with the grandkids without the parents gives us a chance to really connect and get to know them.   The theme of searching for the stolen treasure chest stays the same, but it never seems to get old for them.  This is the 5th year for the older pirates.  I posted some short videos to 
facebook if you would like to see some of the fun.  

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Our Race

One of my best friends and spiritual mentors and I had a good conversation this week about race in our workplaces, and how we should respond to the concerns that are being amplified right now.    He introduced me to a preacher named Voddie Baucham via YouTube.   I was first mesmerized by Mr. Baucham's clear and deliberate delivery - probably the best I have ever seen.  I then got to dwell in his words, each one carefully selected to deliver a message which I believe to be saturated with God.  He has several sermons online, but this 7 minute clip will give you a taste.  Prepare to be inspired.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Color deaf

One of my close friends is a different color.  While he was born in the United States, both of his parents are from Mexico.  As we were eating lunch outside, there was a protest gathering across the street to denounce the way black people have been treated by law enforcement.  Discussion of the protest led to a discussion of how he had been treated by law enforcement and by others over the course of his life.  When visiting his family in Mexico, he was pulled over by the local police.  He was yanked from the car, beaten and robbed by the policeman.  Horrific.  He then told me stories of how he was ostracized in US schools by other Hispanics, because he wasn't born in Mexico and chose not to participate in some of the less productive activities that they were engaged in.  His stories reinforced that I have lived a sheltered, white life.  I want to hear.  I want to listen.  But while my true desire is to have compassion for all people,  I will probably never fully understand the pain that others have had to deal with because of the color of their skin.