Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mr. Floyd

I watched with horror the video showing a police officer kneeling on George Floyd's neck as he suffocated.  I can't imagine what Mr. Floyd could have done that would have elicited such a heinous response.  If he was handcuffed, but they feared he would run, couldn't they have restrained his legs?  Now Mr. Floyd is gone, and his family and friends are grieving.  We, who don't know him personally, are left with the news and social media in outrage.  But what are we going to do?  How can we be outraged without doing something?  I believe in prayer, so I will pray.  But am I really listening for what God wants me to do?  Here is all I have this morning.  I may not be able to comfort Mr. Floyd's family, but there is probably somebody in my sphere of influence that needs comforting.  I should do that today.  And if there isn't someone in my sphere that needs comforting, maybe I need to think about expanding my sphere.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Moving Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a tough one for me.  Not because of memories awakened, but because I have so few memories to awaken.  My dad served in the army, but I know little about his experiences there, and he is now gone.  I don't have many close friends or acquaintances that have served.  But I do have this feeling of thankfulness for those that do choose to serve, and I feel very undeserving of their sacrifice.  I found this Memorial Day message from 1953 by Billy Graham.  While the years and the decades have changed, his words could not be truer today.  Take 8 minutes to be inspired.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Live Love

I love music - especially live music.  I have posted frequently about my participation in bands since I was in the 6th grade.   Caroline and I are currently in the Georgia Wind Symphony.  I also love church music - all kinds - from the pipe organs to choral arrangements to praise and worship music.  One of the things I have missed most during the pandemic is worshiping live with my church on Sundays.   Watching online is ok, but it isn't the same for me.  Passion City Church went to a little extra trouble on Mother's Day to get a large group of musicians together live.  Check this out and be blessed.  To see the original live version from Elevation Worship, click here.  This was shot at the beginning of March and was probably one of the last times all of these people were together in the same room. 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Big C Church

We are almost 2 months into the pandemic in the US, and I miss Church.  Our church, The Vine, has been doing all it can to provide continued opportunities to connect online, but I miss Church.  I don't miss the building, but I miss the people that are the Church to me.   I miss greeting them, talking to them face to face, singing with them, praying with them and learning with them.  Our one-on-one connection with God is essential, and we can work on that all day long whether we are with others or by ourselves.  But God also instructs us to gather corporately, and by doing so, he created the Church.  I look forward to the chance to have Church again, and I pray that the longing I feel now will never subside.