Thursday, July 14, 2022

men in black


For all those born after 1990, men in black, probably conjures up images of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the 1997 hit movie of the same name.  Those born even later may think of Ed Harris's character in Westworld. Whatever the case, "men in black" does usually seem to be an expression of masculinity.  But what society deems masculine seems to be morphing over time.  The media  seems to paint masculinity with a "I'm so great.  You can't touch me."  air about it.  I don't hold anything against the celebrities mentioned above, but the original man in black, was Johnny Cash.  He almost always wore black and wrote the song by the same name.  Johnny was a star, but there was plenty about him that wasn't perfect.  He had a tough life in many ways.  The difference with him was his humility.  He knew he wasn't perfect.  He didn't see himself as God's gift to the world, but he saw God's grace as the greatest gift he had ever been given.  I'd like to know a few more men in black like Johnny.  

(These are my words, but they were inspired by this article if you want to read more.)

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